The North Carolina Statewide Transition Plan has received initial approval from CMS, NC_STP to view the approval letter.

Plan Submission

Most recent Statewide Transition Plan - Jan. 18, 2017

Key Supporting Documents of the Plan

CMS Submission Updates

CMS Communications with DHHS
DHHS Response
Updated Transition Plan
December 4, 2015 (PDF, 97 KB) HCBS State Response 12/17/2015 (PDF, 110 KB) Transition Plan Update December 2015 (PDF, 402 KB)
August 7, 2015 (PDF, 439 KB) HCBS State Responses 8/26/2015 (PDF, 332 KB) Transition Plan Update October 2015 (PDF, 396 KB)


Transition Plan submitted to CMS (PDF, 16.3 MB) - March 16, 2015

Key Elements of the Plan

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